What is it Like – to Have Been on a Tongue of the Troll?


Trolltunga is a unique level protrusion situated on the mountain of Skjeggedal in Norway. A tiny populated locality has become Mecca among many tourists after stories about lives of gnomes, elves and trolls appeared.

A legend of the frozen troll

Locals cannot stop telling legends about the cliff’s origin:

  • Some say it is a dead lone warrior;
  • Others are sure it is a print of a magic creature which fell in love with a girl;
  • Else insist this cliff guards the residence of trolls.

Somehow or other, the story about the mysterious creature has found its place in minds of locals. And all that want to get here have to walk an uneasy way.

Trolltunga is a unique level protrusion situated on the mountain of Skjeggedal in Norway Trolltunga is a unique level protrusion situated on the mountain of Skjeggedal in Norway

Hiking to Trolltunga

Climbing up the rocky terrain requires being physically readiness.  It usually takes a day to get the local see sight. But “the Troll” won’t let you just because you want to, be ready to face with:

  • Prohibition to use the stairs which leads the way to the place you come for.
  • Chill wind and sprinkles rain (both are common for the tough Norwegian climate).
  • Necessity to be carrying the equipment and the wind breaker and the warm clothes.
  • Lowland area where you will also have to handle squelchy dirtiness (there it is really important to choose the proper season: some seasons are characterized with the lake coming out of its banks, this will end your journey before the start).
  • Heart taking and soul taking – that is what can be said about the view below and above the lake of Ringedalsvatnet, which plays with different shades: turquoise, green, blue and many others. The lake itself reminds fiord.
  • The mist and the huge clouds which come around like from out of nowhere and spoil the pictures of anyone who tries to take any;
  • Impossible amount of tourists. The Trolltunga has been being Mecca among visitors from all over the world and now the reckless and the brave from Germany or Austria, Switzerland or another country assault the Tongue from time to time.

By the way! Many are ready to take a picture right on the edge of Trolltunga. It’s one of the dangerous decisions because the platform can fall down due to the weight of people anytime. There is a funicular, but it works quiet rare: whether it’s broken or laziness of the stuff or no necessity. So you better not to trust it.

Standing on the edge of Trolltunga you have an opportunity to feel all the brilliance, the beauty of the nature, admire mountain springs, incredible waterfalls, green forests, enchanting pieces of snow and crystal clear.