Death Valley: brazier, shadow of “gold-rush” and aggressive Indians


Death Valley (desert of Death Valley, Mojave Desert) – the place where not each traveler will risk to go: temperature is +46 degrees, easy sandstorms, the lifeless territory and annual news in style: “In Death Valley the tourist/traveller/child / the young man / journalist / still somebody died”. But in this flirtation with death there is the charm, as attracts the tourists from around the world dreaming to study local sights, to throw down a challenge to itself and the nature here.

Death Valley (desert of Death Valley, Mojave Desert) – the place where not each traveler will risk to go: temperature is +46 degrees

As for those who purposefully seek out the company of sharks they clearly have a death wish. Because shark attacks on humans around the world are exceedingly rare despite popular belief to the contrary.

What to see? Where to run?

Americans with spirit of business peculiar to them learned to sell even tickets to hell. At least, so it turned out with Death Valley. Here will offer you fascinating tour from 9:00 till 17:00, will lease the jeep and will tell as well as where to go. And here if you were going to drive the forbidden territory independently, be careful.

Death Valley Death Valley

Death Valley is hell to which ticket to you will be sold. It is surprising how Americans could make the dangerous and deserted territory the place where tourists are flown every season. By the way, if gathered here, take cream for suntan: the local sun will quickly cover a body with a bronze shade without any sunbeds.

Scotty’s lock and history of big fraud

Death Valley Death Valley

The house built at the beginning of the XX century in the Spanish style attracts many tourists. The stories of big and small deception created by participants of “gold-rush”, insurers and other people are behind walls of a smart structure. That you could plunge into history of the XX century and on own skin to experience life of that time, all rangers guides are dressed in a form of gold prospectors gold diggers.

The city of ghosts – the place erased from a map

The city of ghosts is not just beautiful name. This place in which there is no left no uniform live soul and only wind drives sand on deserted roads. Prior to the beginning of the XX century the life filled with greed to gold, adrenaline of success and wealth boiled here. The small history of the great buried expectations will open to you here. Dare to touch it!

Death Valley

Ubekhebe’s crater – a volcano which still “breathes”

The young volcano the first time vyprysnut a killing lava 2 000 years ago. But when you come to be here, all scientific knowledge won’t make sense. Your sight will say that near a volcano there is a boiling lava; and at a touch will seem that temperature of a surface is more than 50 degrees. Such impression is made due to the lack of vegetation and high temperature of air.
The type of a crater forces to stop breath for couple of seconds: 200 meters in depth, 500 meters in the diameter and a snow-white pink and red slope make impression. Also do it even in case you – the tourist tempted with sights.

Theatrical performances in the spirit of last times

To draw attention of tourists, local rangers carry out the whole representations. In them it is told about terrible time of “gold-rush”, about thirst of wealth, destiny of Indians, pioneer settlements and many other.

Song of dead dunes

Barkhans – separate place of interest about which it is possible to talk endlessly. The dunes located at Tuki’s mountain in cloudy or rainy day make the strange sounds similar to singing.

The place where life once luxuriated

The most mysterious and strange place in Death Valley is the dried-up lake to which thousands of years. Now from former water and beauty there is no trace left also: the scorching sun as if “exhausted” water and energy. But another is surprising: on the dried and cracked surface of the ancient lake small pebbles and heavy boulders quietly move, reserving only a small path. So nobody could open a secret of their activity.
Death Valley is a place which “boils” temperatures, “teems” with venomous snakes and attracts tourists spirit of danger. You are precisely sure that you should visit here?