Travel guides

Guide today it not only source of data on history and culture of the country or region, but answer to all, so to say, “technical” questions. In other words, now he answers not only the question “what to see?”, but tells how to facilitate and reduce the price of a trip: where to find a cheap lodging for the night what troubles can wait for the traveler in the region what dishes of a local cuisine should be tried surely as it is the most convenient to reach on public transport the remote place of interest.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea - unique natural object. The sea is located in a deep hollow and therefore the sunlight has special salutary characteristics. Pass...

Goa: unforgettable getaway

Goa is one of the most picturesque spot in the world for holidays. This small state of India is very popular with holidaymakers and...

The 5 Most Beautiful Towns in The Netherlands

Netherlands (Holland) - wonderful picturesque country, which is great for sport vacation. It has everything: beautiful landscapes, unique attractions, high quality service and much...

The Most Beautiful Places on the Planet Earth

Certainly, on the planet Earth there is a huge number of incredibly beautiful places where the nature is almost or even absolutely untouched by human. In the same breath one can feel an extraordinary surge of vitality with emotions overfilling the soul. Thanks to unforgettable journey through the corners of the world, people will be able to find mental and physical connection with nature, and it is a very important aspect of the life of any being.

“Étretat”: cozy France with a great soul

“Étretat” is a tiny village which name means “bowery of the setting sun”. However, the linguists still argue about the origins of the name....

Big Belt – suspension Danish bridge

Storebæltsforbindelsen – is a bridge situated in Dania and it is known as one of longest ones if the world. The building of such...

Alcazar in Segovia. The castle, the prison, the academy.

Have you seen palaces that were to become prisons? Spanish Alcazar in Segovia is one of such mysterious buildings. It’s been a favorite of...

Cascata delle marmore – a marble Italian waterfall

Cascata delle Marmore is the place that attracts amazes and wonders. The height of it is 165 m. Location of Cascata delle marmore The highest handmade...

Lavender fields. To see and to fall in love

The charm of Provence is filled with lavender fields, veil with the gentle beauty from mid June and until the end of August. The Lavender...

10 Best Island Getaways for 2016

Islands are probably the most beautiful and unique place in the world. It is ideal option for unforgettable rest. They attract tourists with the...

Suburbs of Chicago

On the bank of Lake Michigan the city, the third by the sizes, in the USA is located. Enough often this city is called...

Long Weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona – the capital of the autonomous Region of Catalonia in Spain. This city is the center of industrial and trade life in the...