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Suburbs of Chicago

On the bank of Lake Michigan the city, the third by the sizes, in the USA is located. Enough often this city is called...

Sequoia National Park: the place where you feel the power of...

“This National Park – is the best idea anyone ever had in history. It’s absolutely democratic, absolutely American. It reflects the best we have and the whole nation has!” wrote Walles Stegner

Death Valley: brazier, shadow of “gold-rush” and aggressive Indians

Death Valley (desert of Death Valley, Mojave Desert) – the place where not each traveler will risk to go: temperature is +46 degrees, easy...

5 Unique Ways to See the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – park which accepts every year in stone-green embraces more than 4 000 000 tourists from everything to the world and opens...

Trip to Japan

Country symbol – the mountain Fidzi. In a clear weather its contours can be seen even from Tokyo though the distance to the mountain exceeds 50 kilometers. Fuji – an extinct volcano of the correct cone-shaped form, became a symbol of Japan, a unification of progress and a caring attitude to the nature.