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Rest is an important component in life of each person. However it is possible to have a rest differently. Someone prefers all holiday will fail on a sofa in front of the TV or to read the book, and someone doesn’t represent life without travel and begins to think over the plan of a trip long before the beginning of holiday. But even tourism happens absolutely different as here too there is a mass of versions. Beach, business, bicycle, excursion, business, pilgrim, extreme and exotic – here some the most popular types of tourist rest.

So, one after another. If you aspire in time to have a rest to acquire a tan and you are pleasant to enjoy noise of a surf, then beach rest for you. The resorts of Turkey (are closed for Russians), Greece, Spain and rest on islands will become a fine opportunity for rest.

Excursion tourism is preferred by people who seek for self-education and to knowledge of cultural and historical values other countries. Sights of Vienna, Prague, Rome and other European cities will present the mass of the most different impressions. You shouldn’t forget also about various interesting cities located in the territory of your native land as the cultural heritage of any country deserves knowledge and studying.

Business tourism is very popular among business people who seek to combine rest with visit of various exhibitions and conferences, to acquaintance to new people and potential business partners.

Extreme tourism includes trips and occupations by an extreme on water and mountain open spaces. Diving, descent on the raging mountain rivers, driving on snowmobiles and many other things concern to them. If you like to tickle nerves to yourself and others, so the similar type of rest for you is the most suitable.