For any of us Africa is associated with something personal. With the homeland of favourite drink or with mysterious shamans to Wood, and for somebody Africa is exotic adventures in one of the most cruel corners of our planet.

But here without what it is impossible to imagine any travel on this hot continent – so it without safari. Only having gone to unforgettable expedition, you will be able to feel a unification with the world of wild animals and to enjoy delightful landscapes.

Often safaris are carried out in national reserves. Tourists are placed in beds or campings.

If you love the nature, lodge in the tent town – a camping. Life in such conditions will allow to get acquainted with animals closer. And, can to you will carry to see in the territory of your parking the frolicing monkeys or the walking elephant.

Boxes are the hotels located in the territory of parks. The comfort and service are calculated especially for the tourists coming from the northern countries. Often is the only place where there is an electricity, and you will be able to recharge the sat-down accumulator of your camera.

African safari African safari

The guides perfectly familiar with local flora and fauna will accompany you in way. Porters with pleasure will tell you the mass of the interesting facts about the rare animals living only in this corner of our planet.

For the majority of the countries of Africa it isn’t required to do any inoculations, but nevertheless it is worth taking root against poliomyelitis, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, meningitis and cholera. Existence of the comprehensive health insurance – one of necessary conditions at a trip to Africa.

If with health at you serious problems (a motion sickness, problems with cardiovascular system or a gastrointestinal tract), then it is worth refusing a trip.

Dead Sea

African safari African safari

The Dead Sea – unique natural object. The sea is located in a deep hollow and therefore the sunlight has special salutary characteristics. Pass through a big column of air, sunshine “get rid” of a harmful ultraviolet, and become extremely useful. The unique composition of local dirt allows to recover from numerous skin diseases, arthritises.

Rest on the Dead Sea is useful to the asthmatics and people having diseases of respiratory system. Therefore this category of people often buy tours to the Dead Sea in various sanatoria.

Near the sea numerous sanatoria and rest houses where the doctors having the highest category are brought together are located. Each of sanatoria on the Dead Sea specializes in treatment of a certain type of a disease therefore going for treatment it is necessary to learn precisely whether the medical institution chosen by you specializes in your disease. The acquired long-term techniques, a wide experience of doctors and modern technologies allow to guarantee fine results in treatment of numerous diseases.

Enjoys wide popularity as well beach rest near the Dead Sea, numerous excursions arrive to two and one-day excursions here.